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I got this dress at Nastygal. I was drawn to its simplicity and nudity. This dress offers a bare canvas, allowing me, the buyer, to make what I want of it. I can wear it plain, without accessories, without makeup, without brushed hair. I can also dress it up with sheer jackets, puffy shoes, chokers, neutral tights, glitter lips... anything. As well as the infinite simplicity of it, this dress annexes another layer of skin to my body. I can feel naked, while fully clothed and protected in a thicker skin. It's very empowering, honestly. Wearing this dress for the first time was one of my first experiences wearing nude. I realized the power of skin tone in fashion.

I call my dress my "Nude Yeezy Dress" because it reminds me of the stretch fabrics, skin tight volumes, and neutral palette of the Yeezy Season 4 collection. This collection was very inspiring to me... models with athletic bodies clothed in tight garments that mimicked skin, posing stagnantly. This is a different aesthetic than the usual lanky models draped in chiffon that sweeps the floor, floating down runways in dynamic strides with hair blustering backwards, dewey faces and glittery black rimmed eyes. This is a different collection than most I viewed for Spring/Summer 2017. Barren. Raw. Varying.

Here I paired a sheer jacket with it that I got at a boutique in Milan.

Skin and sheers- everyday, casual twist. It's fun to wear clothes that make you feel naked and then layer sheers over them to give others the illusion you might actually be naked! In this way, fashion is a tool of manipulation.

That's kind of what I like about these plastic boots. They're fully covered up to the thigh, so the legs can't be technically naked. However, they're see through, so the viewer can see every inch of skin underneath. This begs the question, if a bare body is dressed head to toe in translucence is the body naked or clothed?

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