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REALLY digging this whole wear lingerie outside the bedroom thing. In fact, I predicted it in May because clothes are becoming more and more risqué (think back to the 20s when flappers were considered scandalous for showing their ankles). I figured this is where fashion is headed. Especially with pop culture advertising EXTREMES, lingerie makes sense. It's the closest extreme to being actually naked.

Lingerie is reserved and unavailable. It's ultimately beautiful in a forbidden sense because the point at which lingerie is viewable by itself is so temporary, not to mention intimate. Therefore, lingerie in the past had connotations of urgency, exclusivity, and secrecy.

Classic 2016 exposing every last bit of ourselves through media... of course we are beginning to expose lingerie. However, I don't see this as a bad thing. Leave it to fashion to change how we view it. Why not expose and share beauty? Though high fashion celebrities and models wear lingerie with pride, as outerwear, will it become socially accepted for the common core, like us, to do it too? I've begun to toy with this.

Lingerie is a beautiful category of clothing; one that truly says so much about who we are as people. What type of underwear did you wear on your first date? The first time you were intimate? The day you took your SAT? The first day you started working at your new job? Undergarments are a revealing source of humanity.

The combinations of lingerie and common clothing are infinite. I have really enjoyed embellishing my outfits with lingerie in my daily ensembles.

I know wearing or showing lingerie can be harder than it looks, especially for us women, because lingerie is seen sexually. I grappled with this too, at first. Now I think, so what! I'm not trying to be sexual when I wear lingerie. I'm not trying to seduce my friends or my teachers, but even if I was that would happen with or without lingerie. It doesn't really matter. I've just written six paragraphs on lingerie, not once did I mention its societal connotation to sexuality. It's not really important anymore. Times are changing!

I love how Kim didn't exploit her lingerie in this photo, she only hinted at it. Revealing only a portion of her fishnets adds mystery and sensuality to her outfit.

Fishnet tights are usually viewed on legs. Now we're changing the style and here I'm revealing more unconventional portions like the part that ascends up the torso with an elastic waistband.

Bella Hadid wears a glamorous and chic nighttime dress, but rather than hiding her "unmentionables" her stockings are revealed. She is styled sophisticatedly, yet she still shows her lingerie.

Playing with stockings in a more grungy way.

Here's one of my croquis of a sheer dress I designed, cut on the bias. The stippling, though some have asked me if it represents beading, was only to depict the sheer nature of the dress. My vision is for it to be worn without a bra, only a high slung black thong. It's part of the look.

Kate Moss wearing a sheer dress without a bra and a statement black thong alongside Naomi, in a sheer dress as well. A lot of sheer/lingerie trends from the 90s are really in style now.

I was intrigued by the intermediate opacity of Kendall's shirt along with the absence of lingerie, which is an important concept as well. Though Kendall is not wearing a bra, her decision not to wear a bra makes her boobs themselves her undergarment for the shirt. In this case, flesh is lingerie.

Here, however, Kendall is not only wearing visible lingerie, she advertises a specific brand by the sheerness of her shirt and the text on the bralette that conspicuously lies underneath.

Dior Spring/Summer 2017 plays with the same form of undergarment advertisement as the Givenchy bra above.

Gucci pairs a cup-less waist sincher over a flowing ball gown. Alessandro Michele demonstrates the dichotomous relationship between lingerie and clothing; he pairs the corset over the dress. Date back to the 1700s, corsets were fastened under layers of clothing: petticoats, hoops, and gowns.

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