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COUTURE UPDATE: here are snippets from the shows I've viewed so far.


Ok so this is a beautiful piece- the only one I screenshotted. It's perfect in its simplicity and because of immaculate tailoring skills the billowing organza intrigues and defies boredom. However I did not feel this way about the show in general. Yes the headpieces were innovative but can we please focus on the silhouettes? What volumes are novel in this show? Am I watching ethereal Dior or Valentino? Though Maria Grazia Chiuri remains somewhat true to a brand identity, she deviates from Dior's brand identity. This being said Dior's been multiple personalities for *how many years since Galliano left*? Anyway. I can still appreciate the ethereal aesthetic of the garments frosted with fantastical masks and headpieces. It was childlike in spirit like spirits dancing across a woodland fairy forest. The atmosphere was very cohesive and, in fact, the garments were too. I think I would be able to appreciate this collection more easily if it was Valentino Haute Couture 2017 but because of Galliano's standard I have a hard time backing down from Dior's potential. This all being said, Galliano has said evil, corrupt things and he totally deserved to be banished from the brand and I don't support his behavior at all.

Overall- beautiful but too prissy and the volumes are flat. I enjoyed it but I expect more power and drama from Dior. Exceptional venue, atmosphere, and concept, but fairytale doesn't have to mean ALL light and willowy. This show could have benefitted from more dynamics in the silhouettes and a stronger reference to the muse.


An interesting volume. I enjoy it.

Creative silhouette and I've always indulged in the naivite of baby pink. I don't know about these sandals but at the same time I'm being picky- they're fine just not very creative. THIS IS COUTURE PPL!

Yea I like this. Interesting. I like how the skirt is ballooned like that.

Yeah baby now we talking couture.

YA I LIKE THIS ONE. The one above is not my favorite however I enjoy it and I'm also just acknowledging that the traditional ballgown silhouette is coming back in evening wear style.


Applauding the use of hard and soft materials in an angular yet also curved form of construction. There are a lot of contrasts that were beautifully mixed in this piece.

This one too.

Interesting broken and liquid looking metals.

I enjoy the gradient embellishment to tassels at the hem.



Yes. It looks alien skin!!

Optical illusion on point!!!!

Yes!! She really steps out of the box. The only problem I have is that her lack of muse makes the designs isolated and hard to relate to. Obviously this is not everyday attire but even the most avante garde designs can feel seminal and human because they reference a muse. Though Van Herpen's designs are amazing I see the models as robots because there is nothing human about the designs.

Overall she's amazing and so innovative. Very cool atmosphere, too.

I'm slightly underwhelmed by couture because I want things to get more crazy on these runways but every designer featured in this post is obviously so next level with my full respect. And... there's still time!

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