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We really loved each other. Can't you tell?

Then life got in the way and we broke up. "We Don't Talk Anymore" by Charlie Puth has never been more relatable. The worst part is my ex is the one who doesn't want to talk! I'm not gonna disrespect or disobey that so like- aight. guess we're not talking.

Note* It didn't end badly with my ex; he's just going through his own mourning process and that doesn't include talking to me. I understand where he's coming from. I respect his mourning process.

Note* I have my own mourning process:


First of all, I've been crying myself to sleep listening to JEFF BUCKLEY.

lyrics to a corny Jeff Buckley song

Furthermore, I commented "I have a crush on you" on Irina shayk's selfie in hopes that he would see it and get jealous and in hopes that she would see it and the feelings would be mutual.

Moreover, I went on his Instagram page (even though we both unfollowed each other) and his most recent post was so annoying. It was a picture of him and in the caption he was asking for a book recommendation. He commented back to a girl with an obscure handle addressing her as "B!" and then went on about how he missed her or wanted to see her or something and used a makeshift happy face like this :) at the end of the comment and I was like um ok R U KIDDINGME.

Do you know HOW much restraint it has taken me not to DM "B" and ask her A. who she is B. how she knows my ex-boyfriend and C. how far they have gone sexually

what if she's his cousin or something- so awkward anyway-

The RESTRAINT it has taken me not to comment a sassy book recommendation like "my diary"

Or not to post this:

I guess it's kind of taboo to talk about break ups but why? Everyone experiences heartbreak at some point and if you don't make yourself crazy over it then god bless your righteous bones but we really can't relate. I am not good at holding things in. I'm expressive and angry. If I were a singer, I'd put it in a song! but my mom tells me I'm a bad singer (even though I think I'm kind of good). Anyway I keep checking my texts and my email (lol we email) to see if he's reached out but...

He needs space. I have to respect that. He just doesn't want to talk. Sometimes we talk in my dreams a little. *so dramatic* Anyway- if you're heartbroken or just in a weird place romantically, I FEEL FOR YOU! Heartbreak is the worst but it doesn't have to be lonely: it's the most universal pain!! Why avoid talking about it? So now that I've told you I'm wondering: what do you do when you got it bad?


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