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Fall 2017:

straight like Versus,

pointy like Prabal,

blotted like Lee,

duo like La Renta,

smeared like Sui—

whats your version?


Here's mine:

Tutorial coming soon... and these looks easy as pie!

When I wore this look to school my teacher told me I looked like Diane Lane in the 80's punk movie, "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains" (1982). That's when I realized this whole look was very 80s indeed and as a perfect pairing I happened to be wearing a shoulder padded suit! Anyway, I haven't seen the movie but seeing this image made me want to. I'm really inspired by her version of the color block and the styling of the stills I've seen so far from the movie. See below a slideshow of more 80s/punk inspired makeup icons.

In general, the modern color block has been portrayed with minimal skin makeup in order to make sure the eye is the main focus. However, I always encourage making things your own. Maybe try color blocking on the face! I experimented with color by glazing pink across my eyes coordinating the lip. See below.

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